Break your comfort zone, build confidence and understand your voice!

I will help you sing in your own style with total freedom and confidence at your next gig, open mic or jam session.

I will help you go into to your recording session knowing what sound will work and what are the other options you could choose from.

You will learn how to sing without strain.

Above all, I teach you how you can train your own voice, by understanding the building blocks of your own voice, so you don't even need to come back for lessons in the long term!

My name is Ben Woodward, AKA BexX and I've been teaching since 2001, working with beginners, professionals, rock bands, choirs, producers, musical theatre singers, solo artists other singing teachers from all over the world.

My teaching style is adaptive, empathic and fully customised to you, so I can get the best out of your voice in as short a time as possible. I have been known to get the results we're looking for in as short as 10 mins!


I prefer not to dictate my own taste as a teacher. Instead, I help you grow your own knowledge and train correct technique into muscle memory, so that you can make your own decisions and apply your voice to the sounds you want so you can find your own voice or refine your current style even further, with the songs of your choice.

My authorisation with the Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen, means that you have a wealth of the latest research available to you, in order to train and produce any vocal sound in a healthy way.


My teaching is different: To me you are not a student or pupil, you are a singer as soon as you walk in to my studio. Even if you've never sung before, you've taken the first steps towards using your voice in an effective way led by expert knowledge, so that you can benefit from effortless singing, extending your range, your sustain and your volume and being able to use all sounds the human voice can make whilst protecting your voice from damage.

My lessons are all planned to nurture and encourage your singing in a positive way which will build your confidence. To me, you are the artist of your own voice. We need to work to make your singing sustainable and give you ultimate control so you can choose the sounds and dictate your taste in style.

One-to-one lessons @ Artist Studios

My individual singing lessons give you total freedom to explore your voice with expert guidance. I'm equally happy working with beginners as I am with professional singers. I know that there is always something you want to develop further and I can facilitate your development with simple tools and solid background technique to get the best out of your singing in a very short space of time.

Regarding technique, we can cover anything and everything that you need in your sessions, whether that is general technique or specific tools to achieve a certain vocal effect. I'm also available to help singers with troubleshooting vocal issues, emergency aid, interpretation for auditions or performances and I can help with recordings at your own studio or at mine.
To book your lesson, just contact me.

Zoom singing lessons

I have my own methods to get around the online lag, and lack of quality that comes with virtual coaching. So, there are very few disadvantages to taking sessions via Zoom and you have the freedom of training from wherever you are!
You will receive the same expert guidance as with one-to-one lessons and the coaching is entirely specific to your needs and current situation. I can give you instruction just as I would if you were in my studio. All you need is a place you can sing freely without interruptions and a good broadband connection. To book your session, just send me an email or use the booking form.

The Be Vocal Pitstop Sessions

2-hour masterclass in technique for singing and speech, for all levels of singer.

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My group sessions begin with general technique and a vocal tune up, followed by individual focus sessions addressing your specific concerns, issues and challenges.

This is perfect for you if you:

  • Don’t know how to warm up,
  • Don’t know how to practise,
  • Don’t understand the mechanics of the voice,
  • Confused by all the terminology - belt / mix / head / chest / diaphragm / register / voice breaks / pitching,
  • Not sure what your voice type is,
  • Not sure what songs are best for you,
  • Not sure what key is best for you,

It is also a community where you can meet other singers, hear their aims and challenges and see how we can work on all vocal issues, regardless of style, age, gender, or experience.

Leave the session inspired to tackle those challenging notes in your songs, and grow confident using the right tools chosen specifically for you that will make lasting change in a far shorter time!

For instance, a singer may have been working on a song by Beyonce, but has been having trouble with the higher notes after the bridge. We can look at solutions for their voice to achieve the sound they want. The rest of the group will apply the technique too and see how it works for them.

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Sign up for the next group session here.

CD: Contemporary Voice Training

My CD provides you with a routine of exercies to warm up and train your singing. Its on sale for only £10 and I offer free delivery within the UK. Also available on iTunes for £7.99.

Here's an exercise from the CD. For more information and for the CD booklet, please click here.


Please click here to visit my resources page at the Artist Studios website.

Other music tuition and services:

I also teach guitar and piano lessons where you will learn the music theory behind the songs. I work by training your ear to pick up the details and get to know the background theory very quickly.
My songwriting lessons cover all fundamentals of creative lyric writing and apply it to composition skills and music theory on piano or guitar.
My recording studio is available to all of my clients. We can record your music to any standard of perfection! If you want to make a quick demo or mix a full album with live musicians, I can help you make it happen.
For performing artists, Artist Studios Ltd can also help you with publishing, sync and pitch, EDK press kits, PRS/PPL assistance, online distribution, bespoke backing-track production, video production, photography, website design and drum tuition.